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Product Sheet: Superoxide Dismutase human (SOD) (RECOMBINANT)

Catalog NumberGF-810-8
Product IdGF-810-8
Product NameSuperoxide Dismutase human (SOD) (RECOMBINANT)
CategoryGrowth Factors, Cytokines, Receptors and their Antibodies
SubcategoryGrowth Factors/Cytokines/Enzymes
DescriptionCu/Zn Human Superoxide Dismutase is a stable dimer of identical subunits with a combined molecular mass of 32,000 daltons. This enzyme dismutes the superoxide radical to molecular oxygen. This enzyme has been expressed in yeast and purified using sequential chromatography steps. The hSOD is acetylated at its N-terminus. Human SOD is produced in genetically engineered yeast, and purified by ionic exchange chromatography.
Mol Weight32 KDa (dimeric protein)
PurityOver 98% pure by non-reduced SDS gel electrophoresis.
StorageStore at -20°C.
StabilitySeveral months at -20°C.
Biological ActivityThe specific activity of SOD is 260 U/mg. The enzymatic activity of human SOD is determined by calorimetrically determining the oxidation of a chromophore. This was performed with a commercially available kit called SOD-525 from Bioxytech S.A. (Cedex, France).
Formulation10 mg/ml in water (no additive is added)
References1. R. A. Hallewel et al, J. Biol. Chem. (1989), 264, 5260-5268.
2. R.A. Hallewell et al (1987), Biotechnology 5, 363-366.
All products are for research use ONLY in laboratory animals and in vitro testing. NOT for diagnostic or human use.

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