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Product Sheet: Anti-SIN 3-associated protein (SAP 30) IgG fraction (monoclonal)

Catalog NumberTM-611-55
Product IdTM-611-55
Product NameAnti-SIN 3-associated protein (SAP 30) IgG fraction (monoclonal)
CategoryProteins and Antibodies for Transcription Research
SubcategoryProteins and Antibodies
DescriptionIgG fraction from mouse monoclonal antibody (clone 8E2/I4) obtained by immunization using a recombinant human Histone Deacetylase complex SAP30 (30 kDa). The IgG fraction was purified using Protein G-Sepharose.
StorageStore at -20°C.
StabilityStable for at least one year. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Biological ActivityThis antibody can be used for ELISA (1: 1,000 dilution) and Western blot analysis. SAP 30 is a polypeptide component of a Histone Deacetylase complex which includes Sin3 (protein with four putative paired amphipathic helix domains), HDAC1 and HDAC2.
FormulationSolution at 0.5 mg/mL in PBS (pH 7.2).
ReferencesZhang, Y. et al (1998) Molecular Cell 1, 1021 – 1031.
All products are for research use ONLY in laboratory animals and in vitro testing. NOT for diagnostic or human use.

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