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Product Sheet: Rabbit anti-Human Beta-Catenin IgG fraction polyclonal antibody

Catalog NumberPCA-2090a-9
Product IdPCA-2090a-9
Product NameRabbit anti-Human Beta-Catenin IgG fraction polyclonal antibody
CategoryGrowth Factors, Cytokines, Receptors and their Antibodies
SubcategoryPolyclonal Antibodies (Cancer/Apoptosis)
DescriptionIgG fraction from rabbit polyclonal antibody obtained by immunizing rabbits with a synthetic peptide (SYLDSGIHSGATTTAPSLSGK) corresponding to amino acids 29-49 of human beta-catenin. The IgG fraction was purified using Protein G-Sepharose.
Mol WeightN/A
StorageStore at -20ºC.
StabilityStable at least one year at -20ºC. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Biological ActivityThis polyclonal antibody reacts in ELISA and Western blot (1: 2,000 dilution) using the immunizing peptide. The catenins are structurally related cytoplasmic proteins which have been classified as alpha (102-105 kDa), beta (92-97 kDa), and gamma (82-86 Kda). Beta-Catenin plays an important role in the cadherin-mediated anchoring and organization of the cytoskeleton. It is also involved in regulation of gene expression as a mediator of the Wnt signalling pathway. Beta-Catenin associates with the tumor suppressor protein APC and it is implicated in early embryonic development and tumorogenesis.
FormulationSolution at 1 mg/mL in PBS. Some of the liquid in the vial could have evaporated with changes in the final volume. However, the mass of the protein is still inside the vial.
ReferencesWillert, K. & Nusse, R. (1998) Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 8 (1), 95-102. Kikuchi, A. (2000) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 268 (2), 243-248. Willert, K. & Jones, K.A. (2006) Genes Dev. 20, 1394-1404.
All products are for research use ONLY in laboratory animals and in vitro testing. NOT for diagnostic or human use.

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